Black Hills

The Black Hills are rich in history, culture, and spirituality. The Lakota people called these hills Ȟe Sápa, which means ‘Black Mountains’ or Pahá Sápa which means ‘Black Hills’. It is believed they chose the names because the ponderosa pines that make up much of the Black Hills look black in color from a distance. (Bob Dylan even references the Black hills in his song, ‘Day of the Locusts’: …I put down my robe, picked up my diploma;  Took hold of my sweetheart and away we did drive;  Straight for the hills, the black hills of Dakota;  Sure was glad to get out of there alive…) There are over one million acres in the Black Hills National Forest which are home to several animal species including mountain goats, elk, bison and bighorn sheep. You can see some of my wildlife photography on my Galleries page.