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I could get all dressed up
And head downtown
I could dance all night
Until the bars shut down
I could go out and find
another guy to screw
But he would probably
just remind me of you 

I could paint my nails
Or go for a walk
Call an old friend
Just to talk
I could go for a drive
Up in the hills
Or read all my emails
And pay all my bills
I could draw a picture
Or write a song
But instead I sit wondering
where it all went wrong 

I could play Mario Kart, or maybe DOOM
Or rearrange my living room
I could fix the faucet
In the bathroom that leaks
Or the door in the hallway
That always squeaks
I could read a great novel
Or write one of my own
But instead I sit like a fool
Waiting by the phone 

There are so many things
That I could do
If I could only
Stop thinking of you