Below are some recent samples of my work. If you are interested in my design services, please Contact Me for pricing and availability.



I recently got to photograph some local cosplayers, and as I was editing the photos I started getting ideas for composites. This is my first attempt at a compsoit and I am super proud of it. I even made a fanart movie poster from it. I have been having so much fun playing with these photos, I can’t wait to create more!

Please Contact Me for pricing/availability for custom composites.

I am the Creative Director and graphic designer for the Black Hills newest arts & entertainment publication – Mélange Black Hills. I created the logo and brand colors and I do the layouts for each magazine. Below are some of my favorite layouts that I have created for the magazine. You can check out all the full issues on the Mélange website:

What is Mélange? And how do you prounce it? Mélange is a french noun that means a medley or mixture of different things. My business partner and I decided to name our magazine Mélange because once you know what the word means and what our magazine is all about – it is a perfect fit! Mélange Black Hills is a mixture of all the things that make living in the Black Hills awesome – each issue has a section for Arts, Adventure, Cuisine, and Community. My partner and I are also both avid fans of the TV show Frasier, which is actually where we learned the word mélange. We also publish the long-beloved Black Hills FACES Magazine, and together these two publications cover all of the amazing people in our area, all of the talented artists, delicious food, outdoor adventures, and community events.

In 2018, I was asked by Elaine Romereo-Douglas to design the covers and lyric sheets for her debut album, Phantasm. Below are images of the front & back of the album as well as the lryic sheets for each song. I took the photos of Elaine the previous summer and then combined some with graphics to create the album art.

Album Front

Album Back

Lyric Sheets

Sometimes, I do fun things for my friends.

I photographed my friend Sabrina’s wedding last year, and for their one-year anniversary she asked me to make something special, and a little silly. We created a wedding magazine filled with photos from their big day, but per her request it is designed in the style of The National Enquirer. 

It was so much fun putting this together!

Other Graphic Design Services:

  • Christmas Cards
    I can turn your favorite family photos into holiday greeting cards of any shape and size. Digital cards for Social Media are also available!
  • Graduation Announcements
    I have made countless graduation announcements for the seniors I have photographed – but even if I didn’t take your senior photos I can still design awesome announcements and invites to match your style and your budget.
  • Advertisements/Flyers/Posters
    I’ve made several posters, flyers, print ads/graphics and digital ads/graphics for local organizations and events.
  • Business Cards
    Easy! And fun – business cards come in several different shapes, sizes, and can be printed on all kinds of materials! Update your look with a new business card design.
  • Logos
    Whether you need a logo for a brand, a business, a group, an event, or just for fun – I can help. I am a font hoarder and love any excuse to play with fonts and graphics.

Other Design Work

(things I’ve made just for myself/just for fun)