“If we knew each other’s secrets, what comforts we should find.”
~John Churton Collins

We all wear masks.
Those push-up bras and high heels.
The make-up to cover the scars.
A smile to hide the pain.
The lies we tell each other…the lies we tell ourselves.


What do we look like when we take those masks off?

BARE the book is here!

BARE the book

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BARE is a collection of work examining what people look like when they take their masks off, both literal and figurative; the models in this series have bared their bodies and their souls. The images in the BARE series are of real people being honest, exposed and vulnerable. Each BARE model has posed nude or semi-nude and has revealed something personal about themselves – a secret, fear, struggle, dream or accomplishment, etc.

The only alteration made to the images was turning them from color to black and white; nothing has been photo-shopped or “fixed” on any of the models faces or bodies. BARE is centered on being honest, real, and raw.

The interests pursued in this body of work include helping people to see the beauty within themselves, and to foster personal acceptance by celebrating honesty in the human body, mind and spirit. My intention with this project and exhibition is to show the power in honesty and sharing the human experience.

Since this project began a few years ago, more than 100 people have contacted me to be in BARE. Some people have chosen to participate in this project and remain anonymous, doing this just for themselves. Others have chosen to share their images and stories with the world, which is what you see on this page. Each BARE model has complete control on what they share (or don’t). It is important for me that BARE does not exploit people and their vulnerability, so each image that is published was chosen by the model themselves. BARE is an ongoing project.

If you are 18 years or older and want to be a BARE Model contact Kim at