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Custom Fanart


Custom Cosplay Composite & Movie Poster fanart bundles start at $250 for up to two people in the image with an extra $50 charged for each additional person.

What’s Included:

• Large format, high-resolution composite digital image
• Large format, high-resolution digital movie poster


Prints can be ordered at an additional cost.

Custom fanart cosplay Composites & Movie Posters can be made from an existing photo you already have, or we can schedule a shoot and I will take your picture!


For existing photos, the client (you) must obtain the rights & permission to reuse the image and provide the original image file as well as the photographer’s name and contact information to the editor (me).


If you need a photo we can schedule a shoot and I can take your picture! My photography fee and any applicable travel fees would be an additional charge to the Cosplay Composite & Movie Poster bundle cost.

DISCLAIMER: A lot of elements must work together to create a great composite image. The light source, angle, scale, and perspective of the subject(s) must all match the chosen background image/scene. The photo of the subjects MUST be high-resolution – preferably the original RAW image file. I cannot guarantee the results for composites created with photographs I did not take myself. If you do have an existing photograph you would like me to turn into a fanart composite & movie poster I will inspect the image file when you send it to me and correspond with you immediately to let you know if the image is of high enough quality for me to work with. Please feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected].

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